Frustration with ads is a key motive for using mobile adblocking in the US

Frustration with ads is a key motive for using mobile adblocking in the US

Almost half of American smartphone users are willing to block all ads on their phones. A recent study by GlobalWebIndex revealed that 47% of respondents would rather block all ads completely on their mobile devices.

Those who are using adblockers on any device said they are very frustrated by online ads.

Irrelevant content, ad overload, intrusive formats and slow browsing motivate users to install an adblocker. 3 in 10 adblocking users in the US confirmed that they are concerned about ads compromising their online privacy. And 1 in 4 said they don’t like personalized ads based on their browsing history.

According to the survey, adblocking is mostly preferred by males. Respondents who reported having used an adblocker in the last month see higher representation among the 25-34 age group.

Although there is high interest in adblocking features, only 22% of adblocking users in the US use adblocking on their phones. Most users still prefer blocking ads on traditional internet devices such as desktops, PCs and laptops.

The reason for these results is the relatively low awareness of the audience regarding mobile adblocking. More than 6 in 10 respondents stated that they did not know it was possible to block ads via their smartphone.

Blocking ads on mobile devices remains most popular in the Asia-Pacific regions. However, as more services start to go mobile, adblocking for mobile devices is expected to grow in the US as well.

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