Fast browsing is real: FAB loads pages 2 times faster than other famous browsers

Fast browsing is real: FAB loads pages 2 times faster than other famous browsers

You open your favorite news site, and you are waiting… Waiting for the home page to load. Then you are waiting for the article page to load. Have you ever thought, how much valuable time you could save if internet pages loaded faster. 2 times faster for instance. You would need 5 minutes instead of 10 to read all the main morning news. This means that during a month you would save 2,5 hours. Instead of waiting, you could talk to a friend, or grab a coffee, or check your email, or something else – something more important than just sitting and waiting.

We did some tests, and found out that Free Adblocker Browser loads pages 2x faster on average than other browsers – Chrome and Firefox. To be more specific, with Free Adblocker Browser pages load 116% faster than on Chrome, and 121% faster than on Mozilla Firefox.

It happens because Free Adblocker browser doesn’t load ads and trackers to your device. And this saves your time, data and money.

So, if you go to Bored Panda to read some interesting pieces or look at cute pictures of cats and dogs, Free Adblocker Browser will need 9.22 seconds to load the home page, while with Chrome you will wait for 16.08 seconds, and with Firefox – 25.01 seconds.

If you value high quality journalism and like reading The New York Times in Firefox browser, you’ll need 26.61 seconds to load a home page; Chrome users will spend as much as 30.68 seconds, while Free Adblocker Browser will cope with the task for just 7.54 seconds.

We tested several websites for you, and you can see all the results in our infographic.  

Free Adblocker Browser loads pages faster than other Android browsers

If you don’t use Free Adblocker Browser yet on your Android device, download it for free from the Play Store and start planning the extra time you will get.