About us
How the story began

“While we were on a business trip, we were watching a couple of videos on YouTube. After the third video ad interruption, we became upset. Since we had an adblocker on desktop, we were not used to such interruptions anymore. So we went to the Play Store and started to search for adblockers, but all we could find was a book about adblocking, which was not helpful in this situation. So we investigated the topic a bit further. It became clear that Google was removing adblocking applications from the Play Store. We found out that Google was justifying this by citing a paragraph in their terms and conditions that prohibits apps from interfering with the functionality of other apps. So we decided that the only option we had of bringing adblocking to Android was to build our own browser. And here we are. After almost one year of work, we launched the initial version in March 2015 and have since attracted a great deal of attention.”

Our mission is to create a better web for Android users. People browse the internet to view content that matters to them. They don’t go online to see annoying pop-ups, or to be interrupted by video ads. Nobody wants to wait until the page with all its trackers is loaded. And of course, nobody wants to be tracked online. We believe that internet users should be respected. That’s why we created Free Adblocker Browser.