TOP 10 Useful Apps Ideas for Your New Android Phone

TOP 10 Useful Apps Ideas for Your New Android Phone

So, you’ve got a new Android phone. That’s a great present for any holiday. You probably have already logged in, synced all the things you needed and downloaded social media apps you use every day. Where do you go next? There are too many apps in Google Play. We picked Top 10 most useful ideas of the apps for browsing, reading, planning, etc.


  1. Secure browser with an adblock

We all browse every day searching for information, reading the news, watching videos, etc. And we all get frustrated when we are interrupted by ads. There is a perfect solution to that problem. A mobile browser with a built-in adblock will help you browse securely and not get any ads on the way.

The best option on the market, for now, is Free Adblocker Browser which you can easily find and download from Google Play Market. This ad blocker has the highest rating and nice reviews. Besides ad-free browsing, this app will also protect you against viruses and malware, help you save battery and mobile data.

Free Adblocker Browser icon


Free Adblocker Browser screenshot


  1. Antivirus + Cleaner

We combined these 2 categories into one because often you will find apps that have both features. For instance, Clean Master will help you free up your storage space by removing junk, residual and cache files, as well as scan all your apps, find and remove viruses from them. If you’d like more advanced options, you can search for “antivirus” in Google Play and choose an app that fits your needs most. There are plenty of options, both free and paid.


  1. Notes and planner app

One of the most famous and loved by users app for taking notes and planning is Evernote. Marked as Editor’s choice, Evernote will let you create your notes and to-do lists in different formats, sync them across different platforms, share your notes with other users and even create draft presentations.


  1. App for comfortable reading

When you find an interesting article online but cannot read it right away, you can save it with the help of Pocket or Instapaper. You can choose between these 2 most popular apps. Both will save the content, and you’ll be able to read it later in a clean, clear and ad-free format.



  1. Music app

Spotify, SoundCloud, Youtube Music, Google Play Music, and many more… There are plenty of music players available for all the music lovers. We bet you have your favorite. You can share it in the comments if we didn’t mention it.


  1. Weather app

Who leaves home without checking the weather on the phone? A weather widget on the phone saves from unexpected surprises. Install your favorite app or check other options.


  1. Photo editor

Cropping, editing, implementing special effects or filters – we all do this from time to time with our photos. Whether you want your photo look more professional or more fun, a photo editor will help you do it. Among the most popular photo editing apps are Adobe Photoshop Express, Pixlr, Snapseed, AirBrush and many more.


  1. Mobility app

If you live in a big city, you will certainly need an app that will help you quickly get around a big city. Taxi apps (like Uber), car sharing and rental services (car2go, DriveNow) are a must-have for a city dweller.


  1. Fitness App

Even if you’ve never used them before or never done any sports, that’s a very right time to start. Fitness, Pilates, yoga, HIIT, running – just pick an activity and start exercising. You will say “Thanks” to yourself as your body and brain will start feeling much better.


  1. Translation app

A very useful service for people who learn a foreign language, who use several languages at work, who travel a lot, so basically, for everyone. Google Translate is one of the most used services both on desktop and mobile. The app translates images, audio and typed and handwritten text. It also lets caching some language packs for offline use.


You are welcome to share your favorite apps and suggestions for new phone owners in the comments.